Highly Suspect - Wolf [Audio Only]

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Title : Highly Suspect - Wolf [Audio Only]
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Published : 11 Nov 2016
Author : Highly Suspect

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"I like to dream because dreams don't lie" Infact dreaming is one of my favorite things to do. Mine are always so extremely vivid. We often say that real life is real and dreams aren't. But what's the difference? Both states of consciousness rely on the mind's perception of what's real. Wolf is a song about dreams, but it's also a song about my real life, which reads very much like a dream. Not in a good way or a bad way, but our journey expands, I make less and less distinction between what was once only possible when I was asleep, and what's possible now when I'm awake. It all flows. It's also a salute to my youth and To those I've had to let go. "I was born to rock and now I gotta roll" This song is structured like a dream too. Ever changing and unpredictable. And at the end you "wake up"
You think you know me
I wish I did too
Cause everything’s changing
And I am changing too

It’s not a question
This shit is real
And it’s hard to look back
But it’s harder to move on
Funny it’s a good time for a timeless song

I gave you my heart
I gave you my soul
Yeah but baby I was born to rock and now I gotta roll
I’m moving on
I Gotta let go
Yeah cause baby I was born to rock and now I gotta roll

No one pretends the way I do
It’s so hard to hear the truth
You got your reasons so do I
I like to dream cause dreams don’t lie

I’ll play along
Like nothings wrong
Maybe I love you
But the moon is blue

Do you remember we were young
Imagination filled our lungs
Wolf don’t make a helpless move
You see me and I see you

So play along
Like nothings wrong
Baby I love you
But the moon is blue
Let’s play along
Until I’m gone
Is it in my head
Sometimes I wish that I was

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