Aladdin: Friend Like Me (Robin Williams/Will Smith Mashup)

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Title : Aladdin: Friend Like Me (Robin Williams/Will Smith Mashup)
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Published : 28 Mei 2019
Author : Baby Lamb Creations

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Yesterday I got the awesome chance to see the new live-action remake of Disney's Aladdin that stars the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air himself, Will Smith, as the wisecracking and all-powerful Genie of the Lamp. When the first trailer came out, people were skeptical about how the Genie first appeared but after the second trailer came out, people started to like Will Smith's version of The Genie.

When a sneak peek was shown of Will singing "Prince Ali" as the Genie, people went back to being skeptical about it.

But now that I saw the whole movie in its entirety, I can tell you all that in my opinion, Will Smith KILLED IT as The Genie! Why? Because while obviously he can't beat the OG Genie played by the talented and late Robin Williams, he was able to use his own comedic style and urban demeanor (mostly from his Fresh Prince persona) to become the Genie similar to Robin using his stand-up persona to become the Genie. And while Will Smith is putting his own twist on the iconic Disney character, he also pays homage to Robin Williams, who died back in 2014. Not to mention, while I'm used to hearing Will Smith rapping, this movie marks the first time ever I legit heard him sing....and I LOVED IT!!

But I'll cut to the chase, while I am obviously not the first to make a video like this, I don't give a fuck. After making over 100 mashups on this channel, I still want to mashup Will Smith's cover of "Friend Like Me" and the original version by Robin Williams (may he rest in peace).



Genie Artwork:

Enjoy! =)

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