Friend Like Me (Triple Mashup - Will Smith, Robin Williams, Annapantsu)

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Title : Friend Like Me (Triple Mashup - Will Smith, Robin Williams, Annapantsu)
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Published : 28 Mei 2019
Author : Lumisse

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It's been like a billion years since I've uploaded and it'll probably be a billion more til I upload again but here's something I made on my free time instead of being productive cause I like Aladdin. This is my first time doing a mashup ever and I know nothing about music so it's probably a bit rough but I did my best.
Friend Like Me - Aladdin/Aladdin 2019
Alan Menken
Howard Ashman
Will Smith -

Robin Williams -

Annapantsu -

I want to credit the artist who created the Annapantsu Genie but I don't actually know who that is so if anybody can inform me, please do so.
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