Visiting Bali’s Abandoned neighbor: Lombok Indonesia

Where are you going this holiday season? Places like Bali or Labuan Bajo could sit at the very top of your list, but only right around these two islands lie Lombok Island. For international travellers, Lombok might be a stopover before reaching Labuan Bajo from Bali. The island can easily be achieved from Labuan Bajo and Bali on a boat excursion. From other areas in Indonesia, domestic flights to Lombok in Jakarta, Bandung and Bali can be found daily.

Select your dates

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However, the question is, what exactly does one do in Lombok? Besides the beaches, there is quite a good deal of other things to find in Lombok. Here is a selection of places to check out on your next Lombok excursion.


Senggigi might be among those hyped shores in Lombok, and it’s now most popular with the older crowd and in which zen-seekers go. The majority of Lombok’s finest resorts are situated in Senggigi, also for anyone looking for a quiet, laid-back spa vacation around the shore, Senggigi’s light-sand beach and magnificent sunset will conquer your center.

Get to the Gilis

Gili Meno is mostly there for its quiet, romantic escape. At the same time, Gili Air is designed to get a more-relaxed traveler to chill and take a diving course. The largest and most famous, full of parties and inexpensive beer is Gili Trawangan. These three Gilis could be reached from Senggigi Harbor with a speedboat in about 30 minutes or so. Small pubs and beach bars line up on the shore. On the west part of Lombok island, you can find the blood-red sunsets, luxury restaurants and resorts provide cocktails and champagne by the coast for a unique treat. The ideal thing about Gili is that motorized vehicles are not permitted to function there, together with the only transportation available being bicycles, horse-drawn carriages and semi-automatic scooters.

Whatever route you take and whatever Gili you visit, while at Lombok, do pay a visit to those small islands. Travel agents in Lombok provide day trips to the three Gilis, generally done in eight hours, even where visitors can island hop and enjoy the crystal clear water along with tasty regional cuisine.

Refreshing Waterfalls

Many travelers only see Lombok because Bali’s shore neighbor but actually, the island hides some of the nation’s most splendid waterfalls. The most popular and largest waterfall in Lombok is the Tiu Kelep Waterfall. You’ll have to head north, only following Sendang Gile Waterfall at the base of Mt. Rinjani. To reach the waterfall, you have to jump through the lush forest over the hanging bridge. On the other hand, the imperial view of the drops, 45 meters down the pond assembly the stones, is worth the trip.

Other must-see waterfalls in Lombok comprise Benang Stokel and Benang Kelambu, situated just 1 kilometer apart from each other. The falls, 90 minutes from Senggigi Beach, stream down through the verdant greenery such as heaven’s door.

Ready to start your getaway to Lombok? Visit Wonderful Indonesia, and don’t miss out on the magic!


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